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What people are saying about the course...

“The self-guided sleep course was one of the best investments I have made in my long-term health.  Not only was I able to find relief quickly from my insomnia, but I have gained skills that I can use for the rest of my life, both for sleep issues and in finding peace in other areas of my life.  Through the course I learned that the skills for managing my own stress and taking care of my sleep health were within me all along. ” Audrey, USA.

“The quality of the training was excellent and extremely helpful. I have been sleeping amazingly well for several weeks now, falling off to sleep without any awareness and with ease which was my main problem.  I am so pleased."  Jennie, Australia

"The course has helped me have a better understanding of where my insomnia came from and what behaviours and thoughts are unhelpful in my journey to overcome it.  Mindfulness practice has played a key part in reconnecting me to the present moment and accepting things just as they are. The resources from this course along with my practice have improved both my relationship with sleep and with myself. I feel I have broken the cycle of insomnia and funnily enough I don’t even think about sleep as much anymore! “ Amanda, Australia.

“Principles of mindfulness was really good to learn about. And how it applies to sleep helped tremendously. I went back to re-read that section in the workbook multiple times. Thank you!” Simona, Australia 

"The course gave me a new perspective on sleep and my relationship with my sleep. I understand stressing about not sleeping is not healthy and does me no good. I will keep reflecting back to the notes in this course to strengthen my sleep." Anonymous.

"This course helped me to reshape my thoughts and learned behaviours, I'm still working on them but I'm aware of them now. I'm less worried about my sleep. My anxiety symptoms are less frequent. My sleep pattern isn't perfect but most night's I get between 6-8 hours now." Anonymous