Course Overview

Life is inherently stressful. Learning how to reduce stress before it becomes severe or prolonged is essential for our physical and mental health.

During times of stress it is normal to feel anxious or worried. However, if anxiety persists it can begin to impact on daily activities, your mood, health and well being.

This powerful six week course will help you to reduce unnecessary stress in your life. You’ll learn how to face challenging situations by staying calm and responding wisely.

This online course will train you in mindfulness and CBT, two powerful and effective approaches to reduce anxiety and the impact it has in your life.

Learn to

  • identify your triggers to stress
  • recognise your automatic reactions
  • change unhelpful thinking about situations
  • quieten the mind
  • relax the body
  • stop reacting and start responding

The benefits include

  • less stress
  • creating inner calm
  • better focus and concentration
  • improved memory
  • improved mood
  • improved relationships
  • better work performance
  • improved sleep


















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