Daily Mindfulness Meditations

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No doubt you know the benefits of mindfulness meditation: it can improve your ability to focus and concentrate; improve your memory and work performance; reduce stress, anxiety and emotional reactivity; improve sleep; increase creativity and problem-solving skills; and can even help you feel happier and experience more joy in your life!

Who wouldn’t want this? The catch is…. these benefits have been found in people who meditate daily.  So, it just isn’t enough to meditate a few times and hope to notice improvements.

Setting up a daily meditation practice, however, is not easy. You might wonder… Where do I start? How long should I meditate for? Am I doing this right?

Then, you’ll face the challenges of finding the time, staying motivated, and even remembering to do it!


Daily meditations man meditating
Dr Giselle Withers

This is why we created the Daily Mindfulness Meditations – 5 day program.

Each day you can participate in a 15-minute mindfulness meditation guided by Dr Giselle Withers. For the first two days we start with a short Body Scan meditation, and on the last three days you’ll be guided through a Mindfulness of Breath practice.

We recommend you choose the same time each day to practice the meditations. The course was set up to encourage you to practice meditation at midday, so you could experience taking a break and swtching gears right in the middle of the day.  We invite you to participate in these "Midday Meditations", however the videos will be available ALL day, so please choose a time that suits you.

Here's how it works:

To join the 5 day program register here.


  • The five day course starts as soon as you register, and will be available to you for 30 days.
  • Each day Dr Giselle Withers will lead a 15 minute mindfulness meditation practice.
  • Log in to watch the video recording of Giselle and join in the practice.
  • You'll receive an email each of the 5 days after you regsiter to remind you to log in for the meditation practice.
  • The meditations will be available for you to watch any time in the day
  • There is no cost. It's completely FREE.